>Halloween Sneak Peak

>Halloween begins early here in Columbus. First because the trick or treating takes place before Halloween – tomorrow night – to avoid the gruesome risk of children being run over by drunk drivers on the weekend. But the festivities actually began last weekend at the North Market when children were invited to trick or treat on Sunday.

We didn’t have our act together to actually come in costume but we took advantage of a very skilled face painter and some props to pretend as though we did.
Happy early Halloween and happy Wordful, Wordless and Way-back wednesday!

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  1. >Hearing that Halloween in Columbus is a day early actually gives me a big "ah ha" understanding of why my husband and I had a very confusing conversation about when Halloween is in our town (in MD)…he asked when Halloween was and I was replied on the 31 but then he asked when the kids did trick-or-treating and I replied on Hallowen. I couldn't figure out why he would ever think those would be different days and he was wondering why I wasn't answering him!

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