The Magic and Mystery of the First Night

Tonight, I snuggled under the covers with Bella after singing her goodnight song.

She turned to me, puzzled that I wasn’t dashing out the door as usual to enjoy that glorious post-bedtime period parents look forward to every day.
That’s when I whispered to her, “Take a good look around before you fall asleep. Take in the newness of this house. The new sounds. The new fan on your ceiling casting moving shadows. The new color of your bedroom. The view outside your window.”
She whispered back groggily, “Why?
I answered, “Because tonight is the first night. The night you will remember forever as your first night in our new home. Tomorrow night, when you go to bed, much of the newness will have worn off. Many of the boxes might be gone. You’ll start to know the nooks and crannies. It will feel more like home, which will be good, but some of the magic will be gone too. 
That first night in a new house is a magical night. So make sure to take a few minutes by yourself before you close your eyes to really appreciate it.
And then I kissed her goodnight, and left her to enjoy her first night in her new room.
Now I’m off to do the same, because tomorrow there will be time to unpack a few more boxes, but for now, there is only the deep silence of this mysteriously new Ohio night.
Good night!

3 Responses to The Magic and Mystery of the First Night

  1. >Oh Vanessa,
    This made me cry.
    There's no way she'll forget it now.
    Happy unpacking and welcome to your new home!

  2. >This was such a beautiful post! It really hit home for me because I will officially be moving in two weeks (I got hired in D.C.!). Steve and I have been looking at apartments, and they all have their own special magic.

    I hope that you had a safe and wonderful move. Good luck unpacking and settling in. Enjoy your new home and keep us updated!

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