>Finally an Easier Way to Pick Giveaway Winners

>I love doing my blog giveaways every Saturday, love them so much that I dropped out of BlogHer to do them. But my least favorite part of doing blog contests is definitely selecting the winner. That’s because, up until today, my highly technical method was to go to random.org to select the comment number and then to go back to Blogger to count comments. And when a giveaway gets 200+ entries, counting down the screen to find comment #132 is no fun. Especially when little fingers are tugging at your legs, breaking your concentration and making you start again.

That’s why I will be eternally grateful to two women who changed my life today. I kid you not, they CHANGED my life. And will no longer make me fall so far behind in picking winners.
On a recent giveaway, I posted a plea asking if anyone had found a better way to pick winners on Blogger. The ever resourceful Amanda from Confessions from a Household of Six sent me a link to a Tech Tuesday post from Katydid and Did. The title: Numbering Comments in Blogger.
A few minutes of playing with my code and suddenly, eureka, my comments were numbered. I’m embarrassed to admit how incredibly happy that made me.

I hope that by sharing this, I’ll be spreading the joy!

6 Responses to >Finally an Easier Way to Pick Giveaway Winners

  1. >You are my hero. I mean clearly you've always been my hero, from like day one or so, but now, wow even more so!
    I shall no longer have to do a happy dance when Random.org pulls out a number in the tens!

  2. >I found a way to number my comments almost as soon as I started the giveaways because counting was such a pain. What a lifesaver.

  3. >Thanks for sharing. She always has such helpful tech posts, but I missed this one.

    I know how you feel. Then, after you count it, you have to recount it, just in case…what a pain!

  4. >Glad I could help! I can't take all the credit. Almost everything I know about blogging I learned from the girls at MomDot. That numbering comments tut is worth it's weight in gold.

  5. >Yes, I need this info. I haven't been holding many giveaways as of late, but had the same frustration.


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