Shock and Awe Parenting

Every once in a while, I resort to drastic measures to get the kids to listen, really listen, and actually hear me.

Yesterday I indulged Jack and Juliette by taking them to McDonald’s for lunch as a special treat, just for fun. One and a half chicken nuggets into his meal, Jack started goofing off, lying face down on the plastic bench, and kicking Juliette who was trying hard to eat her hamburger.

I saw two courses of action open to me.

I could begin nagging him to stop, threatening to take away his happy meal toy, and get progressively more annoyed.

Or I could go for shock and awe.

Slowly, clearly and loudly I told Jack,
Right where you are putting your face is where hundreds of people have sat and farted. Instead of eating your chicken nuggets, you are rubbing your face in a hundred farts.

He sat straight up and ate the rest of his lunch. No more kicking, or shenaniganing of any kind.

Shock and awe success.

16 Responses to Shock and Awe Parenting

  1. >Oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing. I’m all about whatever works (I’m a substitute teacher, grades K-12) and sometimes shock and awe is the only thing that will get the job done 😀

  2. >You are hilarious! My kids would have busted a gut. I can’t say the word toilet without them rolling on the floor!

  3. >That is the funniest thing!! I will have to try that with my daughter next time she does that, which is quite often!

  4. >That’s fantastic!
    I’ve been nagging, threatening and getting progressively more annoyed, and it hasn’t been working.
    I’m glad you’re getting results!

  5. >That’s great! I’ve been trying more of that myself lately. The nagging and getting annoyed seems to only affect me, so I figure why not go for the gold?

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