>Could Baby TV Not Be As Bad As We Thought?

When Bella was an infant, I was adamant that she not be exposed to TV. I had read the AAP explanation that watching TV was harmful to children under two years of age, and I followed their recommendation to the letter. I not only refrained from exposing her to Baby Einstein videos, I also refused to let my father in law watch sports in her presence. I actually forced him to turn off the TV when she was in the room. In retrospect, I’m not sure how I did that. The force of my conviction as a first-time mom must have been nothing short of superhuman.

I pretty much succeeded in shielding her from the TV until she was two. It was incredibly difficult. Babysitters cursed me. Friends and family thought I was insane. But I held my ground.

By the time I had my third child, I had mellowed out considerably. One of Juliette’s first words was “Go” from the theme song of the Backyardigans. But even though I let her watch TV, I felt guilty about it, like I was eradicating her chances of attending an Ivy League school with every minute in front of the “boob tube.”

But yesterday, the Journal of Pediatrics and Harvard published the result of a study concluding that watching TV is not detrimental to children under three. It has no effect either positive or negative on their development.

Does this mean I have seven years of guilt under my belt that I could have lived without? Did I needlessly deprive Bella of hours of Baby Einstein viewing pleasure?

At this point, my guilt is water under the bridge. I tend to agree with Jessica Gottlieb‘s thoughts on this issue. This is just proof that parenting experts should not come down so hard on us mothers. We love our children and do what we do to keep them happy, sometimes ignoring their black and white rules. Because we know, in our guts, that the rules will change someday and that we know our children best.

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  1. >We do the best we can. I thought I was getting away with no commercial television, but my kids are video junkies. I think as long as we provide balance, they’ll turn out o.k.

  2. >They didn’t have Baby Einstein when I was little…I think my mom probably tried to keep the TV off when I was under two years but I do know I watched Sesame Street, Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow a lot when I was young.

    I also used to watch Braves baseball games with my dad when I was pretty young and that probably explains why I’m a big fan now. It also helped me bond with him I guess haha.

    I also LOVE The Backyardigans…at age 26 haha. They’re too cool.

    I didn’t get into an Ivy League school…actually I never tried …I knew I wanted to go the University of Tennessee from like age 5 haha. 🙂

  3. >I agree. They are always changing what is right and wrong to do with our kids. As parents we do our best to keep them safe and healthy.
    No Guilt! 🙂

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