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Carmenere for Turkey Day

Carmenere for Turkey Day

ShareTweet Discovering new varietals, traveling through a glass of wine may be my favorite way to hit the road. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling to Chile through my wine glass, exploring Carmenere wines. Last week, the PR team representing wines from Chile sent me the most amazing box of wine to sample,Continue Reading

Individual Handheld Pie Recipes

ShareTweet Since we moved to the Midwest, five years ago, Thanksgiving stopped being a cooking holiday for me. Instead of pie crusts and sweet potatoes, my days preceding Thanksgiving are filled with suitcases and laundry. When we first moved away, I tried lugging some sweets through the airport, but they always suffered. Now I justContinue Reading

Reflecting on a Thanksgiving Blur of Family, Food and Sights

Reflecting on a Thanksgiving Blur of Family, Food and Sights

ShareTweet Thanksgiving can be a busy time for food bloggers, but this year, I put myself on the bench, in social media blackout. The recipes I’d planned on sharing remained un-photographed. You’ll get them in the next week, and hopefully can use them this Christmas. Since moving to the Midwest, Thanksgiving has become more thanContinue Reading

Cider Brined Turkey: Brine that Bird!

Cider Brined Turkey: Brine that Bird!

ShareTweet We’re entering final countdown mode before Thanksgiving. But before you start digging through your cupboards to find the platters and gravy boats, there’s one important yet easy food prep step you have to take care of. It’s time to grab that turkey and submerge it in a brining bath! You can brine your turkeyContinue Reading

Brownie Meringue Pie for No-Fruititarians

Brownie Meringue Pie for No-Fruititarians

ShareTweet My oldest daughter is a strict non-fruititarian. The last time she ate any type of fruit was on the tip of a plastic coated baby spoon, ten years ago. She eats her vegetables with gusto, but refuses sweeter and juicier produce. We’ve tried to entice her with rewards, peer pressure, and threats with fruitsContinue Reading

Gratefulness Delayed

Gratefulness Delayed

ShareTweet Some Thanksgivings are better than others. I went to boarding school in New Hampshire for my last few years of high school, far away from my family in France. The Thanksgiving break was too short to fly back to Europe, so I crashed the family celebrations of any friends who would have me. IContinue Reading

>Bacon, Apple, and Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing: the Rebel’s Choice

ShareTweet > I have a deep question for you to ponder today. Why is bacon not a more popular Thanksgiving stuffing ingredient? I’ve had stuffings with scallops, and others with water chestnuts. I’ve also had many made with sausage, which are delicious. But until a few nights ago, I’d never had a stuffing made withContinue Reading

My Thanksgiving Interview with Michael Chiarello

ShareTweet A couple of days ago, I had the chance to talk turkey with Chef Michael Chiarello, Cooking Channel chef and owner of the Napa Valley Restaurant Bottega. Thanks to the wonders of technology, he sat in his gorgeous kitchen in Napa while I sat in mine in Chicago, and we chatted. Michael was charmingContinue Reading

>Carrot Souffle: my Favorite Thanksgiving Side

ShareTweet > This Carrot Souffle commands center stage. At the Thanksgiving table, the turkey is the unquestioned star. When my mother in law takes it out of the oven with its gleaming caramel skin, a hush falls over the large crowd gathered in the kitchen. And I don’t begrudge the turkey its time to shine,Continue Reading

>Caramelized Pecan Squash Bites: the Perfect Thanksgiving Appetizer

ShareTweet > Caramelized Pecan Squash Bites before Thanksgiving Dinner When most people think of Thanksgiving, they picture a golden turkey or mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes. but those aren’t my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. When I head to my Mother in Law’s Thanksgiving dinner, my mouth is watering for her pre-dinner appetizers: her mushroom roll-ups, pigsContinue Reading

>Macho Puzzling

ShareTweet >Some families bond over touch football. Others bond while watching football. Our family bonds over a puzzle board. As soon as the kids fall into bed, exhausted after a day of running wild with hordes of cousins, the adults clear off the kitchen table, and break out that year’s puzzle. The puzzle theme mayContinue Reading

The Concorde: my Most Requested Thanksgiving Dessert

ShareTweet Dessert is a serious Thanksgiving affair in our family. The turkey, stuffing and sides are nothing but a prelude to the orgy of desserts to follow. Every year, our list of desserts grows, covering every inch of the dining room table. This year, contributing to Thanksgiving dinner was hard. I didn’t want to disturbContinue Reading

>Thanksgiving Chit Chat, at Last

ShareTweet >For years, Thanksgiving Day was a blur. I managed a few hellos, quick pecks on the cheek to relatives and friends before racing back to manage one baby or another. Whenever I got the baby down for a nap, the troops of cousins running through the house would wake the baby right back up.Continue Reading

>Got Salsa on your Thanksgiving Shopping List?

ShareTweet >When you’re walking down the aisles of your neighborhood supermarket today (if you have your act together), tomorrow (if you have a few hours to kill), or even Thursday (if you live on the edge), do a little something different this year. Throw in a bottle or two of Pace salsas. Trust me onContinue Reading


ShareTweet >One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is taking a moment to give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Thanksgiving at my in-laws usually involves over forty people crowding around the buffet table, and we would all keel over in hunger if we tried to go around giving thanks aloud. But IContinue Reading