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Thanksgiving Memories and Favorite Recipes

Thanksgiving Memories and Favorite Recipes

ShareTweet Thanksgiving is not my holiday of choice, but my father loved this holiday. Loved it with a mysterious passion. Even once his emphysema deeply handicapped him, making long sitting sessions painful and dangerous, he still drove down from Toronto to New Jersey with a giant tank of oxygen in the trunk. During the large family gatheringsContinue Reading

Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes: a Thrill to Cook and Eat

Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes: a Thrill to Cook and Eat

ShareTweet Summer is here and with it comes its greatest gift: summer sweet tomatoes. We love tomatoes in all shapes and sizes. Sliced and slathered with burrata. Caramelized into tomato tarte tatin. But on quick and easy dinner nights, before a late night dip in the pool or after a long trek to a distant baseballContinue Reading

Cauliflower Cheddar Apple Soup

Cauliflower Cheddar Apple Soup

ShareTweet If routine is the friend of diet, then spring break is its death knoll. For the last month and a half, I’d been dieting quietly,being a good girl, not eating dessert and enjoying big bowls of vegetable soup for lunch. Pants were fitting better and I was feeling good, no longer cringing at picturesContinue Reading

Dry Roasted Pork Shoulder to Combat Spring Sports Schedule

Dry Roasted Pork Shoulder to Combat Spring Sports Schedule

ShareTweet This big hunk of slow roasted pork shoulder is more powerful than it looks. More than a mound of melt in your mouth tender pork, it’s a dinner solution for little league baseball late nights. Every April, little league baseball takes over our family. My husband coaches my son’s team and their practice andContinue Reading

Favorite Fall Recipes

Favorite Fall Recipes

ShareTweet Food is family. How many of your childhood memories are tied up with favorite dishes, shared meals, and family celebrations? I was always an enthusiastic sous chef to my mother in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until I left home that I fully appreciated them. I went to high school and college on theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

>If You’re Craving Carbs, Turn to Stuffing for a Creative and Fun Side Dish

ShareTweet > FOOD FIGHTS SWEEPING AMERICA, TEARING FAMILIES APART There’s a bizarre epidemic sweeping the States, spreading from kitchen to kitchen that has public officials concerned. Food fights are breaking out at dinner tables everywhere as husbands and children are taking a stand and demanding an end to boring potato side dishes. Although mashed potatoesContinue Reading

>Nutella Hot Chocolate

ShareTweet > Nutella and hot milk together in a cup. This is happiness. Snow goes hand in hand with hot chocolate. That goes without saying. When the kids come trooping back into the house, peeling off their snow-covered clothes, they expect me to greet them with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. And while it wouldContinue Reading

>Gruyere Popovers Are the Ideal Weapon for this Artic Winter

ShareTweet > Popovers Warm from the Oven Fill the House with the Most Amazing Smell. It’s cold in Chicago nowadays. Like, really cold. 10 degrees below zero when we wake up cold. Our driveway is an ice rink cold. Walking around without a hat is not an option cold. The only way to fight backContinue Reading

Ebelskiver Pancakes, Little Puffs of Deliciousness

ShareTweet > I have a few fashion loving friends who get this fiendish gleam in their eyes when they’re talking clothes. To them, the names of the designers on actually mean something. I don’t like to look like too much of a soccer mom, but I’ll only get behind a fashion trend if it’sContinue Reading

>Duck Fat and Potatoes, a Marriage Made in Heaven

ShareTweet > Stole this gorgeous pic from Laughing Duck Gardens as my duck fat disappeared before I could shoot it. In the month of resolutions and diet talk, I’m going to buck the trend to talk about a fat. And not just any fat. I’m going to talk about duck fat, a decadent, moan inducingContinue Reading

Oreo Truffles Even a Kid Will Love

ShareTweet   Do you remember the first time you bit into a truffle as a child? Those perfect little balls dusted with golden cocoa in their fancy gift boxes just looked so irresistible. Each time the soft chocolate yielded to my baby teeth, my taste buds were assaulted by the intense flavor of pure cocoa,Continue Reading

>Bacon, Apple, and Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing: the Rebel’s Choice

ShareTweet > I have a deep question for you to ponder today. Why is bacon not a more popular Thanksgiving stuffing ingredient? I’ve had stuffings with scallops, and others with water chestnuts. I’ve also had many made with sausage, which are delicious. But until a few nights ago, I’d never had a stuffing made withContinue Reading

>a Chocolaty Twist on Pecan Pie

ShareTweet > The only way to deal with a long, frustrating day replacing credit cards, car windows, and cell phones, is with chocolate. Lots of warm, ooey, gooey, melt in your mouth chocolate. As that first forkful melts on my tongue,  the stress of the day finally begins to recede, my shoulders loosen, and theContinue Reading

>Carrot Souffle: my Favorite Thanksgiving Side

ShareTweet > This Carrot Souffle commands center stage. At the Thanksgiving table, the turkey is the unquestioned star. When my mother in law takes it out of the oven with its gleaming caramel skin, a hush falls over the large crowd gathered in the kitchen. And I don’t begrudge the turkey its time to shine,Continue Reading

>Caramelized Pecan Squash Bites: the Perfect Thanksgiving Appetizer

ShareTweet > Caramelized Pecan Squash Bites before Thanksgiving Dinner When most people think of Thanksgiving, they picture a golden turkey or mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes. but those aren’t my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. When I head to my Mother in Law’s Thanksgiving dinner, my mouth is watering for her pre-dinner appetizers: her mushroom roll-ups, pigsContinue Reading

>Sweet Potato and Date Chicken Tagine

ShareTweet > I met my husband at work. I was young, just out of college, and was instantly smitten by this sophisticated New Yorker with his jazzy ties. We were friends at first, wasting countless work hours in whispered conversations in office cubicles, commiserating over our love lives, and talking about food. Yes, food. IContinue Reading

>Jazzing Up School Lunches with Orzo

ShareTweet >How much do you experiment with your kids’ school lunches? We’re pretty adventurous at the dinner table in our house, pushing the envelope with honey duck and Cornish game hens, but if you took a peek in my kids’ lunchboxes, day after day, you’d get pretty bored. Messing with the lunch my kids expectContinue Reading

Dorie Greenspan’s 20 Minute Honey Duck

Dorie Greenspan’s 20 Minute Honey Duck

ShareTweet Do you ever make duck at home? Or is it the type of thing you would only ever think to order in a really fancy French restaurant? Duck must have a bad rap in America. It’s the only reason I can think of that more home cooks don’t make duck at home. People mustContinue Reading

>Roasted Butternut Squash Soup: the Perfect Way to Celebrate Fall

ShareTweet >Is it wrong to feel so alive as everything around me is dying? To dance with the leaves as they fall to the ground?  I can’t help it. I love fall with its crimsons, its burnt siennas, and its sulfuric yellows. Just walking to school is like walking through a Monet painting, leaves crinklingContinue Reading