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Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Giveaway

ShareTweet I promised you another Hamilton Beach giveaway, for a 6-Speed Stand Mixer, and I’m here to deliver, delayed a few days by a very hectic weekend. The Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer would be a great addition to a start up kitchen cooking small batches. It retails for $129.99. a Rafflecopter giveaway UPDATE –Continue Reading

Happy Family Greek Yogurt Smoothies Giveaway for Tots on the Go

ShareTweet Sophie is my baby and she always will be, the last one, forever the youngest in our family. ┬áBut regardless of her title as the family baby, she’s now a full fledged toddler, busy exploring and getting into trouble every chance she gets. Keeping her at the table for family meals is a challengeContinue Reading

Snacks that Satisfy: Pork By Fork Year of Pork Giveaway

Snacks that Satisfy: Pork By Fork Year of Pork Giveaway

ShareTweet Overnight, my little boy turned into one of those smelly, perpetual motion creatures with a bottomless appetite. I pick him up from the playground, sweaty from heated games of kickball, and his stomach is rumbling. Back in the kitchen, he eats and eats, but cookies and fruit just don’t do the trick. It takesContinue Reading

Tealightful Gift Basket Giveaway

Tealightful Gift Basket Giveaway

ShareTweet I come from a family of passionate tea drinkers. My mother and sister like their tea sweet and milky. They start their day with a steaming cup, and go through another 2 or 3 throughout the day. My mother in law also loves tea, but she prefers hers to be fruity and fragrant, andContinue Reading

Graco Snugride 40 Review and Giveaway

Graco Snugride 40 Review and Giveaway

ShareTweet You hear it at the supermarket, at the doctor’s office, and anywhere a dewy eyed old lady sees you with your baby. “They grow up so fast.” “Enjoy it! It goes so quickly.””I blinked and my kids were grown up.” The platitudes are annoying because they’re so true. With every single one of myContinue Reading

Nescafe Titanium Piccolo Machine Giveaway

Nescafe Titanium Piccolo Machine Giveaway

ShareTweet Is a coffee maker on your Christmas shopping list? If so, I may be able to save you a purchase. Because the response to the last Nescafe coffee machine giveaway I hosted was so good, I have another machine to give away, just in time for Christmas. This time I’m giving away a NescafeContinue Reading

>I Heart Beef Grilling Giveaway

ShareTweet >I love to experiment on the grill with chicken and slowly braised short ribs, dream about whole hogs cooked all day over a pit of hot coals, but that won’t sway my answer. A big juicy steak is still unquestionably my favorite thing to throw on a grill. Nothing beats how the salty crunchinessContinue Reading

>the Ultimate McCormick Cupcake Decorating Giveaway

ShareTweet >I’m a sucker for a cute cupcake. My kids are too for that matter. It’s impossible to resist something small, cute, and tasty-looking, especially if it is shaped like a baby duck. But although I love to eat a cute cupcake, when it comes to making them, I’m essentially a novice. I’ll get adventurousContinue Reading

>Simply Go Gurt Busy Mom Giveaway

ShareTweet >This year was the first year that two of my three children began eating lunch at school. Finding food to put in their lunch boxes that they will both eat can be a challenge. If they had their way, they would eat chicken nuggets and potato chips every day of their life. I’m constantlyContinue Reading

>Date Night Giveaway from Bertolli Frozen Meals

ShareTweet > For the last few weeks, I’ve been traveling… a lot… on the weekends. First there was our vacation to Orlando, then there was the Pillsbury Bake-Off, and then this last weekend, the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference in Dayton. All of this packing and unpacking drained me, the kids, and most of all, myContinue Reading

>Dinner for Busy Moms Book Giveaway and Review

ShareTweet > Between homework, soccer practice and ballet class, getting the family together around the dinner table can be a heroic feat. I usually end up tiding the kids over with snacks so we can eat after their extra-curricular activities, but more often than I’d like to admit, I succumb to the temptation of theContinue Reading

>And the Hunt is On… for the Rice Krispies Easter Egg Hunt

ShareTweet > We’re Snap, Crackle, and Pop… and we’re hiding somewhere on Vanessa’s blog. Read the clues below to find us and be closer to win some great prizes… Last week, I posted about decorating Rice Krispie treat eggs this year for Easter as part of a special the Motherhood Rice Krispie treat campaign. NineContinue Reading

>Cheryl’s Easter Basket Giveaway

ShareTweet >And the winner is, as selected by, comment #8: Tracy Smith. Congrats Tracy, can’t wait to hear what you think about the cookies and brownies. Since we’ve moved to Ohio, our extra fridge freezer has been dedicated to Cheryl’s cookies and brownies. Because my husband works there, he regularly comes home with theContinue Reading

An Ode to Beef

An Ode to Beef

ShareTweet > February is the month of love. Not only romantic love… but also the love of beef, because February is “I Heart Beef” month. And if you ask me, I think it’s a perfect fit. There simply is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a tender filet mignon steak followed byContinue Reading

>Fraggle Rock Wembley’s Egg Surprise Giveaway

ShareTweet > Finding DVDs that will entertain my three kids simultaneously is a challenge. I need movies that appeal to both boys and girls, and that will be cool enough for a second grader and entertaining enough for a three year old. When I do find a title that fits the bill, I stock itContinue Reading

>Quaker CrEATe Your Day Giveaway: What’s YOUR Dream Oatmeal Bowl?

ShareTweet > *** Once again, has spoken and selected comments #36 and #11 as the winners of this oatmeal breakfast kit from Quaker Oats. Nightowl and Benita are our lucky winners! *** The mornings are not only cold here; they’re cold and dark. The only thing I’ve found to keep me from jumping rightContinue Reading