CREATE: my Word for 2016

One word new year’s resolutions are nothing new. There are books and websites dedicated to the process of selecting just one word. The New York Times blogged about it. Gretchen Rubin did too. There’s a reason one word resolutions have become some widespread: they work. One word, one purpose, one mantra. It’s much easier to frame your year around that simple impulse than a long list on guilt-inducing intentions.

So here goes, my word for 2016 is CREATE.


So much falls under than umbrella of creation, but the end result is always the same: a great sense of accomplishment and a deep peace. So for 2016, I’m making CREATE my mantra. Whether that means:

  • a great meal, for my family of 6 or for 60 homeless
  • a new recipe, for friends and strangers who read this blog
  • a book that entertains and provokes
  • a photo that captures a moment
  • a project that eases suffering
  • an event that educates and inspires

2015 was a hard year for my family, filled with the suffering and finally the death of my father. Amidst juggling the needs of my family, I got a little lost and a lot sad. Grief is physical. It robbed me of sleep and made my heart race. To bring some clarity to those days, I defined a good day as having these four components:

  2. lifting my face to the sky and breathing
  3. exercise
  4. having a quality moment with 2 of my 4 kids

Creativity is the driving force, what gets my brain engaged and fills me with joy.

I’ve had many other words, like sweat, and fly, and joy, and I’ll have many more words in years to come. But for 2016, CREATE will be my word. What will yours be?

Once you’ve chosen that single word, you can even get a cute bracelet to anchor around your wrist, like the ones at or many other options on Etsy. Love this blood red simple string bracelet. Small yet highly visible, it’s sure to get conversations started about the one word driving force.


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