Breaking from Slow Cooker Routine: Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs

Breaking from routine can be hard. Impossibly hard sometimes. Not only is there no time to research, there is also the fear of failure. What if dinner is not good? What if the kids complain? Last week, I tried the butter miso chicken recipe from the New York Times dining section and were all underwhelmed. “Meh.” But yesterday, with 10 minutes before running out the door to my weekly writing class, I was inspired to try something different for dinner, and the freshness of lemon called to me.

Lemon Garlic Chicken ThighsI borrowed the chicken thighs with a garlic clove and some olive oil, then added the zest and juice of 3 lemons, 2 cups of chicken stock, a bouquet garni herb blend from Savory Spice, and a generous amount of salt and pepper. Then I left it to cook for 3 hours on high.

“You really think the kids are going to like that?,” said Steve as I gave him the menu on my drive into the city. “There’s always cold cuts if they’re not happy,” I answered glibly, thrilled not to be the one to witness the response to the unfamiliar dinner.

Sophie LemonsAs I drove home in the dark, I prepared myself for a chaos of complaints about this new, unfamiliar dish. Instead I came home to raves, and a plate with fall apart tasty chicken resting in a zesty golden sauce atop a mound of rice. I had to agree with the kids – this lemon garlic chicken thigh recipe is delicious, and a new addition to our routine. It might be just the thing to spice yours up as well!

Breaking from Slow Cooker Routine: Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: serves 6-8
  • 8-10 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 3 lemons
  • 2 cups of chicken stock
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 teaspoon of French bouquet garni spice blend
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. In a skillet, heat the olive oil on medium heat. Add the garlic and the chicken thighs. Brown for 3 minutes on each side of the chicken thighs.
  2. Scraping the skillet well, transfer to a slow cooker.
  3. Zest the lemons, cut them in half, and squeeze in the juice. Add the chicken stock, spices, salt and pepper.
  4. Cook on high for 3 hours.
  5. Serve on top of rice with a salad or the green veggies of your choice!


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