Three Decadent Cookie Recipes

When Bella and Jack were small, Little Bear was their favorite TV show. That bear must have given Jack his wanderlust that now make Steve and I track him down all over town as the sun sets. The show’s draw for Bella must have been Little Bear’s mom and her constant baking. She always had some decadent creation waiting when Little Bear roamed home.

None of these cookies were ever served up by Mama Bear, but each of these recipes would be a delight to come home to, whether they’re hot out of the oven, or piled high in your favorite cookie jar.

Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies Text

Bacon that’s been candied and then married to chocolate, all wrapped up in a traditional chocolate chip cookie dough. Need I say more? Here’s the simple recipe to make these heavenly candied bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet and Crumbly Sables

sweet and crumbly sablesSables are the french answer to american sugar cookie. They’re also the proof that simple foods can be transcendently good. This is the type of recipe where high quality butter makes all the difference. These sweet and crunchy sables will melt in your mouth and leave you with the most delicious aftertaste. They keep well in a cookie jar and have the right taste to please everyone.

Midnight Cherry Cookies

Midnight Cherry CookiesSome people don’t like the combination of fruit and chocolate. I didn’t acquire a taste for fruity chocolate treats for a very long time. These midnight cherry cookies might be just the treat to win you over.


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