EMERGE – My Word for 2015

#OneWord resolutions were all over my Facebook feed last week. Simplifying all my intentions for the year to come into one word is something I’ve been doing for the last few years. One word. One mantra. Much more effective than a bullet list riddled with guilt.

2014 was SOAR. 2013 was SERENITY. 2012 was SWEAT. 2011 was JOY.

EMERGE is the word for 2015.

EmergeI didn’t expect the post partum fog after Sophie to be so thick and long, but a few months after her third birthday, it’s just beginning to dissipate. Something about the combination of being close to the dreaded 40 milestone and the fact that four kids feels like a hundred more than three.

It’s taken me a long time. Much more longer than I anticipate, but I’m ready to emerge from the baby Sophie cocoon and reclaim my body, my time, and my future.

It’s time to sculpt the muscle under the flab, to stop ducking the camera, terrified of what it will reveal. With a combination of planks, tennis and yoga, I’ll stop dreading group selfies that painfully clash with my mental image.

It’s also time to emerge professionally, to discover the next chapter in my journey. I’d never give up this corner of the blogosphere, if anyone even uses this term anymore. Chefdruck: French Foodie Mom will continue to be my passion, my haven, my place away from the chaos of my home to share recipes, dreams, and favorites.

Blister, my sci-fi novel, is another passion not destined to end in 2015. Before the year is out, I’ll reach 50,000 pages and take a few writing classes along the way. I broke 15,000 pages on December 15. Writing Blister, when I’m truly engaged in it and not burdened by writer’s doubts, is more fun than seeing the best movie at the theater.

But it’s also time to lay the groundwork for the not so distant future, when all four kids are in school full time. It’s time to update linked in, to start having some lunches, to craft some business plans. Life is long and enriched by many very different chapters. 2015 will see me EMERGE into the next one.

Happy new year! I hope your January is filled with lofty plans and great drive. Take the time to distill those thoughts into one single word. That one word can drive you to great joy this year.

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