Individual Handheld Pie Recipes

Since we moved to the Midwest, five years ago, Thanksgiving stopped being a cooking holiday for me. Instead of pie crusts and sweet potatoes, my days preceding Thanksgiving are filled with suitcases and laundry.

Family at AirportWhen we first moved away, I tried lugging some sweets through the airport, but they always suffered. Now I just eat, and live vicariously through everyone else’s Thanksgiving planning and cooking. All your gorgeous gleaming turkey recipes are clipped and tucked away carefully for the Christmas feasting we’ll be doing in a few weeks.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a little inspiration to share! I’m a big pie lover, dessert plate stacked with little slivers of different tastes, but I also love the idea of individual hand-held pies on Thanksgiving. No slicing, no sharing, just small indulgences you can’t say no to.

Mini Puff Pastry Chocolate Pecan Pies

Chocolate Pecan Pie Puff Pastry shells

I love marriage of chocolate and pecans, especially deep dark chocolate. They’re both cloyingly sweet, but in a different way, and in this individual handheld dessert, they’re an irresistible and completely forgivable treat.

And don’t you love how rustic and handmade these little pies look?

Sweet Potato Hand Pies

Child with hand pies
The hand pies were a huge hit with the kids.

Why save pie for dessert? These handheld sweet potato pies are fantastic to kick off the Thanksgiving feast while the guests are trickling in. No marshmallows guilding the lilly in this recipe. Just roasted sweet potatoes and a simple real butter crust.

Pie rolling is an art that escapes me. These hand pies look just as rustic and homely as the puff pastry chocolate pecan pies. Their humble look makes them taste even better.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkeys be golden and your families be happy and healthy.


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