Fall Cooking Video Segments aka Facing my Worst Fear Very Publicly

Only one letter separates blogging and vlogging, but a world of terror lies in that little consonant. I blog in the privacy and comfort of my keyboard, leaving it only to cook and take pictures of food and family. The few times I’ve tried to video myself cooking have all been very humbling and made me crave facials and personal trainers. Video requires great light, a good microphone, and is a lot harder than it looks. I avoid video like the plague.

Sweet Potato and Raisin Chicken TagineTwo weeks ago, the online editor of our local paper emailed me to see if she could drop by to video me doing a couple of fall recipes. They’d seen the Anthony Eats picnic segment Juju and I filmed this summer and thought it would be fun to feature a local food blogger. “Great!” I answered, and then promptly dissolved into a puddle of panic. She dropped by last Monday, right after Sophie fell asleep for her nap. Light was streaming through the window and we taped for an hour while I cooked a French apple tart and a Sweet Potato Chicken Tagine. Basically, I rambled on like a mad woman for a very long time.

AOL Chefdruck HomepageWhen the videos went live on Wednesday of last week, I couldn’t click on the link for a day or two. The fear was just too much. But when I finally did, the videos were not horrible at all! Having a talented editor who uses music at the right times makes a world of difference. Take a second, check them out, and get inspired to do some fall cooking.

Oak Park Website Fall Cooking Segment: French Apple Tart

Oak Park Website Fall Cooking Segment: Sweet Potato, Raisin and Chicken Tagine

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