Beach in the City

Chicago has been home for almost two years, but in many ways we’re still newcomers here. We still rely on the GPS to get around, still hunger for ketchup on our hot dogs, still marvel at the flatness of the landscape. But more than anything, we still hunger for the ocean, unable to get our bearings without a liquid border to the East.

Juju Lake Michigan

We dipped our toes in Lake Michigan within a few days of arriving in Chicago, when our house was still filled with boxes. We marveled at the vastness, the waves, and the blueness of the lake, checked it off our list, and moved on. In two years, we saw many beaches, but always after packing our bags, going through security and getting on a plane. The fact that beautiful beaches were minutes from our house, a quick drive in the car, steps from the streets we shopped and ate on, somehow escaped us.

It took a visit from our French cousin to make us realize how much we are still tourists in Chicago. Thanks to her, we discovered the city beaches of Chicago: a little urban, but still beautiful, fun, and great to ride the waves. There was even a little culture to take in, colorful murals that deeply moved Jack. When confronted with a giant nostril, wouldn’t you also want to pick your nose?

City or wild, lake or ocean, the noise of the surf is perfect napping music as far as little Sophie is concerned. Now that we’ve discovered the beaches in our backyard, we’re ready for more. Next up… the beaches of Michigan!



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