A Look Back Through an Artist’s Eye

Artists see the world through a different lens, one filled with a riot of colors and shapes, even at the most banal moments.

Last summer, I was huge, hot, and miserable. We were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in a beautiful beachfront home rented by my husband’s aunt and uncle. I had two months left of my pregnancy, but Sophie had already begun to get ready for her birth. Even the short 500 yard walk down to the water was agony. One afternoon, the AC broke, and when the living room temperature hovered in the mid-80s, I grabbed my body pillow and gave in to a long drooling nap on the couch.

And when my 5-year old tried to cuddle in with me, I generously gave her my back and snuggled in closer with my pillow. Pregnant women do not like to share her comfy couch.

sleeping beauties
Photo taken by Nancy Moskovitz with her cell phone, proof that an artist sees beauty in the most simple moments, even in the heat.

Nancy came upon this scene and captured it on her cell phone, later entered it in a cell phone photo contest in the Gainesville paper that she won. It’s easy to see why her photo was chosen. Instead of seeing a cranky and negligent pregnant mom, she saw an ocean of pinks and scarlets, a jumble of triangles and lines, and grace in the heat.

I’m grateful for this snapshot, this blast from a not so distant past and for having been transformed by Nancy Moskovitz’ artist eye.

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