Delicious Tiny Toes Gripping the Sand

When we decided to try for a fourth (and last) baby, my husband surprised me by saying that he thought a baby would keep us young. “Young?” I thought, “tired, fat, and cranky is more like it.” But although I am still looking at the world through a haze of sleep deprivation, I do feel younger. It’s impossible to be cranky while watching Sophie discover the world, one gummy, delighted smile at a time.

We spent last week in Naples, introducing Sophie to the joys of a beach vacation. Her tiny toes gripped the sand as she watched the waves come close. I thought she’d be afraid of all the noise and the new sensations, but she was in pure rapture. She laughed, and she shrieked, and she folded herself in half to eat great big handfuls of wet sand.

My mother and father in law were with us for the week, having recently watched their oldest grandchild graduate from high school. They too were swept up in Sophie’s charms, giggling along with her belly laughs. Time moves more relentlessly than the waves beating along the shore. Before we know it, Sophie will be toting a backpack and headed off to school, and the memory of her chubby toes in the sand will seem like a thousand years ago.

But thanks to this little delicious baby, we’ve gotten a reprieve and have a few more years of the simple joys of babyhood. And it is a delicious world.

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