The Six Month Itch

I quit a job today. One of the many little jobs that total up to a small amount on the spouse income line on our tax return. I could not live off of that total, but it does allow me to feel like I contribute to our family beyond the dinners, the homework help, and all the mothering that I do.

I am the Mommy Planet around which four beings orbit, but I am also a writer, a blogger, an editor: a wage earner. To quote Mitt Romney, thanks to all those little jobs, I have “the dignity of employment.” Working, no matter how small the paycheck, gives me self-worth and keeps me happy.

Quitting a job, no matter how part-time, is not an easy decision to make. I hate quitting, but I need to simplify, to give myself more breathing room to find the next chapter in my life. Although cubicle time feels much slower, I have been blogging and working in social media for longer than I worked in corporate America. A lot of has changed in the last five years as the space has gotten more and more saturated. I love my blog, and I couldn’t stop putting up posts into cyberspace if I tried. I’ll still be writing this blog as a grandmother, but it is time to explore new avenues to create and contribute beyond what I do in our home.

I’ve made huge life changes every time one of my babies turned six months old. With Bella, I left corporate America to be a stay at home mom. With Jack, I dove into suburban volunteering. With Juju, I joined the world of social media. Now with Sophie, I am exploring my options in the culinary world, something that lets me revel in my passion for food, yet still feast on Sophie’s chubby toes.

It’s too soon to tell what the next chapter will be, but one thing is for sure: it’s going to taste good.


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  1. A heady congratulations and maybe a cocktail on the start of a new adventure. This seems to be the year of change for a lot of us out here. I always feel like Bartlett (West Wing) when a chapter reaches it’s inevitable end…. “What’s next.”

  2. Gosh! I haven’t stopped by here in a bit and to come and read such a big post! Hope the new adventure is exciting and we can hear about it soon!!

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