Interview with Two Olympians

In addition to writing this blog, I edit the Technorati Women’s Channel and occasionally get to interview some fascinating people.¬† This week I spoke with four-time Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes and US Women’s Soccer Olympic hopeful¬†Megan Rapinoe.

We discussed what drove them to succeed, how social media has changed the Olympics, and what advice they’d like to give to the young girls who aspire to reach their levels of athleticism. The interview was coordinated by the Samsung US Olympic Genome project which will give fans greater access to Olympians than ever before this summer. They were down to earth, and I loved the way they stressed the importance of having fun and being yourself.

I love the Olympics, the spectacle, the stories, the medals, the dreams… I’m glued to the TV screen for the entire two weeks they’re on. This year, I’ll be heading to London to catch a few Olympics events in August, and talking to these amazing women got me all revved up with Olympic fever. I’m counting the days.

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  1. I remember watching Dominique Dawes in the ’96 Summer Olympics, with the whole Kerry Strug – Bela Karolyi ‘You can do it’ deal. Loved it! Great interview!

  2. Hi – it was nice to meet you at the blogging conference and how fascinating for you to meet Dominique Dawes! I used to coach gymnastics and just finished Nadia Comanechi’s book and gave it to my daughter to read!

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