Blowing Bubbles in the Wind

Do you remember the first time you saw a bubble? Magical, floating, rainbow-hued balls that disappear into thin air, just when you get close.

Of course you don’t, but somehow the magic of bubbles never grows old, especially seen on a sunny afternoon, especially when they’re blown by a proud 5-year old to her baby sister.

Baby staring at bubble

Sophie loved the bubbles. She was convinced that something so pretty must taste even better.
Baby Eating Bubbles
I hope your weekend was filled with relaxation and joy, and maybe just a few magical bubbles, blowing in the wind.

Where did my bubbles go?

2 Responses to Blowing Bubbles in the Wind

  1. It’s true. I honestly don’t remember my first but I’m always amazed by those bubbles. What I never forget is that it’s always our father who blows a bubble and whoever popped it wins a prize. 🙂

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