Interview with Joe Bastianich, Co-Founder of Eataly, Otto, and Babbo

Thanks to this wild and crazy social media world, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview some pretty amazing people, often without leaving my kitchen! On Friday, I spoke with Joe Bastianich,┬árestaurateur, vineyard owner, partner of Mario Batali, Master Chef Judge, and chief executive of the ultimate foodie market: Eataly New York.

Joe had some interesting things to say about:

  • Why the era of the celerity chef will soon be replaced by the era of the farmer,
  • How the Chicago and New York restaurant scenes differ,
  • What are the healthiest dishes to order in his restaurants,
  • What amazing market may soon be opening in Chicago.

Take a look at the full interview here:

Although the interview was sponsored by Lipitor, I was pleasantly surprised that it was unscripted and very casual. Now I’m crossing my fingers that Eataly Chicago opens very soon.

3 Responses to Interview with Joe Bastianich, Co-Founder of Eataly, Otto, and Babbo

  1. Lucky you, how awesome! Great question/answer about eating out at Italian restaurants – I never would have thought to ask them to prepare it without butter or bad fats.

  2. What a great opportunity! Very interesting to hear him talk about food growers/producers overtaking celebrity chefs. It will be fun to see if that pans out.

  3. OMG! I pray they come here. Just spent an amazing day there yesterday while in NYC . Made my later dinner experience that evening pale in comparison. Loved the rooftop beers and food.

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