a Totally Cool Totally Tween Birthday Cake

We’ve been navigating the waters of tweenhood for a few years now, but they still feel like uncharted territory, where vicious bouts of eye rolling await at every turn. What was cool and acceptable last week becomes horribly embarrassing the next. From peace signs to fluffy puppies, nothing is safe. While I enjoy getting glimpses of the adult my daughter will become, I’m glad that I have younger daughters to keep the pretty pink princess fun going a little longer.

Eye rolling tween
I hope she continues to keep smiling while rolling her eyes at me.

When I set out to plan Bella’s 10 year birthday party, I let her take the lead. I’ve learned that trying to surprise her will inevitably turn into a disappointment for all. This year, Bella wanted a few girlfriends to come over so they could watch movies and hang out. Low key, totally casual, very cool. I needed to find out what party elements were acceptable, so I asked about the type of things we’d done in the past, to learn what makes a great tween party. Here’s what I found out:

Sleepovers? Uncool. Too hard to choose which friends to select.

Goodie bags? Still cool. Definitely mom, duh!

Invites? Just make a few phone calls. No need to make a big deal.

Balloons? Very uncool. So baby-ish! And pinatas? Don’t even think about it.

Homemade Birthday Cakes? Still very cool. As long as it is, you know, cool.

Tween movie theme birthday cake
Forgive the poor lighting.. Mom taking pics of birthday cake is way uncool.

I could have played it safe and made a simple white frosting with a large peace sign, and I’m sure it would have been a hit, but I decided to push the envelope a little, and make a movie themed cake, complete with popcorn. The verdict?

Salty buttered popcorn combined with Vanilla Funfetti cake… totally, absolutely, awesome and delicious. Telling the girls they could not have third helpings? Not so cool.

Forgive the lack of lighting, as Mom taking pictures of the cake is definitely a faux-pas.


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