There Are No Words

Tonight there is no recipe, no funny story to share. Tonight my heart bleeds for a good friend, Jennie Perrillo, who suddenly lost her husband yesterday to a heart attack. He leaves behind not only Jennie, but also their two young daughters who he was teaching how to ride a bike when he passed away.

I’ve known Jennie for three years and she quickly went from an acquaintance to a good friend, someone whose drive and passion I eagerly drink in every chance I get. She is a talented food blogger, magazine editor, and a warm and caring mother. That someone so giving, so full of drive to make the world a better place should now be a widow and a single mother is simply incomprehensible.

I’m too far from New York to give Jennie and her daughters any physical comfort, so instead I spent the day holding my own children close, showering them with kisses, keenly and painfully aware that tragedy can strike at any time. Back to school is just around the corner for many of us, but instead of letting the stress of routine take over our lives, hold your family tight and give thanks for what you have.


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