The Pink Sands of Bermuda

This Fourth of July, we flew to the beautiful island of Bermuda to reunite with Steve’s parents on the island’s pretty pink beaches. We like to spend the holiday as a family and as we’re all still adjusting to our long distance relationship we opted to all board a plane to be together. New York to Bermuda is a two hour direct flight but from Chicago it was more of an epic journey, still well worth it to enjoy the turquoise water with Mimi and GrandDad.

Pink Sand and Pink Bather in Bermuda
Fearless in the waves thanks to a pink inner tube.

We stayed at the Elbow Beach Hotel, a Mandarin Oriental Property that was definitely hurting from the global economic situation. All the hotel rooms in the main building had been closed for the last two years, giving the property an eerie Shining feeling.

Elbow Beach Hotel Economy Victim
All the rooms in the yellow building at the top of the hill have been empty for 2 years.

Bermuda is known for its pink sand beaches, but other than being incredibly fine, the color doesn’t look very pink to a Pinkalicious-loving four year old.

Pink Bermuda sand makes good sand castles.
Even though the sand wasn't as pink as desired, it still made good sandcastles.

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  1. Oooooh! I think the sand looks pinker than I actually imagined! (although the pink inner tube takes the prize!)

    Looks like a beautiful trip…thank you so much for linking up, Vanessa!

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