Why It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Cards

Top 10 Reasons To Wait to the Last Minute to Mail Out my Holiday Cards.

  1. Image. Nobody likes a show off.
  2. Location, location, location. My card gets front of mantle. The Thanksgiving eager beavers are collecting dust in the back.
  3. Exercise. Lugging the box of cards from room to room with the good intention to get started is a great way to tone the arms.
  4. Helpers. As Santa’s arrival draws near, the kids are more motivated to be “good” and lick envelopes.
  5. Kindness. Gives my friends a sense of superiority and accomplishment for having gotten their cards out before mine.
  6. Efficiency. Buys me a little more time to get that perfect picture.
  7. Sweet tooth. Need time to bake the cookies that go with the card for local friends.
  8. Thrill. Procrastinators have more fun.
  9. Suspense. How many of you get calls from people saying they’d been looking forward to getting your card? We do. Every year.
  10. Inspiration. Getting my holiday cards out early is always at the top of my New Year’s Resolutions.
This post is just another procrastination tactic to keep me from sending out the last 100 cards we’re sending out this year, but before my head hits the pillow, they will be done. I swear. I promise. Probably.
In all seriousness though, I love our cards so much this year that I actually got teary when they came out the box. That said, it doesn’t take much to make me misty eyed. I’ve been known to reach for a Kleenex while watching iCarly.
We ordered our cards through Tiny Prints for the second year in a row, and thanks to my amazing sister who runs their social media department, our cards were free. But having benefited from their impressive customer service (my designer called me on my cell at 9PM last Saturday night to see if I liked my proofs!) and having seen how gorgeous the cards came out, I could never go back to a regular photo card. These cards are worth every penny, and will transition from front of mantle to front of fridge door after the tree comes down.
Your family will look so good, distant strangers will be eager to show off your card. College friends will pick up the phone to catch up, and ex-boyfriends will kick themselves for not having treated you better.
It’s not too late to get your own holiday cards made. You still have a few days to put in an order at Tiny Prints and still get your cards before Santa comes sleighing in. They’ve also got some amazing deals going on every day. Yesterday it was 25 free cards. Today it’s an extra 20% off.
Stop making excuses. Get your hands on a few Tiny Prints Christmas cards today. Even if it’s just a few for local friends and your mother-in-law.
Then you can actually say that you out-procrastinated me, and steal my front of the mantle placement.

Here’s a sneak peak at our family’s card. It’s a tri-fold design. You know, to take up more room on that mantle.

What you’ll see on the mantle
What you’ll see when you open the card

4 Responses to Why It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Cards

  1. >Ha! Love it! Seriously, I've always thought – why not wait until early January to send out the holiday cards/letters? That way people have more time to actually sit down and look at them sine they're not in the middle of the Christmas rush!

  2. >Mine will be New Year's cards! ha! I wasn't going to send them out, but then I keep getting cards and feeling guilty. One more to add to your list:

    Sending them later allows you to send to the people you may have forgotten. And, got a card from them (I've done this many times…oops!).

  3. >Those cards are beautiful!

    We're sending out postcards, as is our tradition. This year my daughter hand illustrated them.

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