>Memories of Food, Love, and Travel


Travel is a riot of experiences. You’re flooded with new tastes, smells, colors, sights, and sounds everywhere you turn. It’s overwhelming. It’s exhilarating. It’s when I feel most alive.

Aerial View of Belize
Beautiful Blue Belize from the sky.

I crave travel. I love that sense of excitement when I zip the suitcase shut and wheel it out the front door, knowing that I’ll be changed somehow when I return home with it. When I’m traveling, I try to capture all the memories with my camera or my Flip video, but all those pixels usually get lost in the memory of my computer, with the exception of a couple of good shots.

Maruba Jungle Resort
Just arrived at Maruba Jungle Resort.

The travel memories that really stay with me, long after the pictures are downloaded, are the tastes from great meals. The foreign foods that woke my senses linger, stirring new and surprising cravings. Then when I seek out those foods near home, I re-experience the joys of travel, one bite at a time.

Two years ago, I went on a second honeymoon with my husband to Belize. We’d never traveled to Central America before, and we stayed in little boutique hotels where we really got to know the staff and other guests. We got mud massages in the jungle, walked barefoot in the sand, and went spear fishing for reef lobster. It was like paradise, so much more intimate and romantic than our first honeymoon at impersonal luxury resorts in Hawaii.

huevos rancheros
The best Huevos Rancheros I’ve ever had.

Out of all the meals of that vacation, it’s the breakfasts that we still crave and talk about with nostalgia. Nothing fancy: a couple of eggs over easy, a little salsa, a spoonful of steaming beans, a fresh tortillas to soak it all up, and a few slivers of papaya to finish on a sweet note. All those flavors so early in the morning, some spicy, some tangy, some sweet, were a wild awakening to my senses, such a drastic departure from my usual cereal or toast. It was the perfect breakfast to have in paradise.

I’ve tried to recreate it, but it’s never come close to that perfection. If this post gave you the craving for Huevos Rancheros, I suggest you head on over to SimplyRecipes for Elise’s mother’s recipe.

I’m waiting for my third honeymoon to have that perfect breakfast again.

This post was inspired by the DVD release of Eat Pray Love, a great movie that really speaks to the senses and the love of wanderlust. I’ll be co-hosting a Traveling Mom Twitter (#TMOM) party next Monday, November 22, at 9EST on the topic of Food, Travel and Relationships.  I hope you’ll join me and my fellow hosts and tell us about some of your most memorable traveling food moments. 

Please RSVP for the Twitter party and join us!

I received compensation for my participation in this campaign to call attention to the DVD release.

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  1. >Lovely post, thanks for sharing your sweet travel memories with us 🙂 I just added the twitter party to my calendar & I will try my best to attend!

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