>Close Encounters of a Cow Kind

> Last week, a dozen bloggers headed to California to tour two dairies.

In our quest to learn everything about cows and milk, we posed for photo opps, petted newborn calves, and even got to give milking a try.

Up close, cows are really big. I was pretty nervous this one was going to eat me.

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this baby cow?
My sister Jessica giving a shy tug. I did it too. You have to seriously yank the teat to get milk.
A more substantial post about what I learned on the trip will be posted here tomorrow. But for now, enjoy these Wordful, Five Minutes Wordless, not so Wordless and Way-back wednesday pics.

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  1. >Aww…those are great encounters! Somehow I missed the hands-on milking opp myself. (I did snap a pic of @SelfishMom doing it, though.) Looking forward to your thoughtful recap post 🙂

  2. >Why can't I resist saying that it looks like a "Mooo-ving" experience? DARLING baby cow…and WOW! Brave teat tugging for your sister!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Vanessa!

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