>The Girl Scouts Experience: My Latest Post on Snackpicks

>This month, the Kellogg’s Snackpicks website is helping to get the word out about the benefits of getting involved with the Girl Scout organization beyond buying girl scout cookies. I shared how my family got involved with the organization and what unexpected rich rewards it has given us.

My post begins:
I signed my daughter up for Girl Scouts on a whim. During Kindergarten orientation three years ago, I picked up a bright pink information form for new Brownie troops that would be forming that fall. There was so much going on to get ready for school, but my daughter and her friends were interested. So, I signed her up, even though I wasn’t quite sure what being a Girl Scout involved.

I grew up in France, and only discovered Girl Scout Cookies as an adult. We purchased her little brown sash on the same day as her princess pencil case and her kitty cat notebook with wide handwriting margin. She was so excited, but I never imagined that her joining a Girl Scout troop would also affect me personally.

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