>the Great Food Truck Race Giveaway

>*** and the winner is Comment #14 – JenV or @JenAlber on Twitter ***

I’ve been a huge fan of the food truck movement ever since I first stumbled upon a huge snaking line of people waiting for warm cookies and brownies from the Treats Truck in Manhattan five or six years ago. Their excitement was irresistible. Walking past that line and missing a chance for a treat was simply not an option. The spontaneity and fun of sharing a foodie experience with all those strangers erased all the stress of the interview I had just finished. Standing in the warm spring sunshine, waiting for my turn to order my cookie, I happily dismissed all thoughts of the big job opportunity I was pretty sure I didn’t want.

Since that memorable encounter with the Treats Truck, the number of food trucks in cities across America has grown exponentially as chefs and amateurs alike have embraced this low-cost way to get their food to customers. In Columbus, I was blown away by the freshness and quality of the food served by the 30 Taco trucks around the city. And now that I’m in Chicago, I can’t wait to discover the local food truck offerings.

I am sure that the Food Network’s latest show, The Great Food Truck Race, will inspire countless other food-obsessed entrepreneurs across the country to hit the road with their own unique food trucks. If you haven’t checked out the show, it’s not too late to add it to your DVR and catch up with previous episodes on the web. The finale is just 3 weeks away on September 19 at 9PM ET/PT. The show features seven gourmet food trucks racing coast-to-coast on a culinary road trip to convince Americans to step outside their culinary comfort zones and try something new. The last truck standing will win $50,000.

To drive up interest in time for the finale, I have a Great Food Truck Race gift pack for giveaway today which includes a t-shirt, an apron and a bumper sticker. To enter to win, please leave me a comment about a food truck experience before Friday, September 17. I’ll select the winner at random that night.

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In addition, you can vote for your favorite nominated food truck from now until September 10th for “America’s Favorite Food Truck Giveaway” and a chance to win a trip to the Food Network NYC Wine + Food Festival

20 Responses to >the Great Food Truck Race Giveaway

  1. >There are no trucks in my area but when I went to NYC I was amazed and delighted at the food choices available- think my favorite was gyros. Everyone I was with – well lets just say they wanted to go sit in a restaurant, and I wanted to experience the flavors and tastes of a city.

  2. >When I was at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 80's, we ate lunch almost every day at Le Bus, one of the first bus restaurants that I had ever heard of. THE best sandwiches ever! I miss it so much! Here in France one finds buses making crepes or selling pizza or ethnic food but only on the marketplaces. It's a great concept.

    I do follow you on twitter!! And I'll go ahead and tweet this!

  3. >Which reminds me that I need to try the taco truck around the corner from my office…

    The Big Gay Ice Cream truck is usually a couple of blocks away. A few of us had a field trip one day – I ordered a vanilla cone with olive oil and sea salt – I thought it was great; my co-workers were mostly freaked out.

  4. >Right now true food trucks are illegal in Chicago. You should join the campaign to have that law changed so we can enjoy the awesomeness enjoyed by food truck-friendly cities like Portland.

    P.S. Although it's not a proper food truck (no prep on the premises), the Flirty Cakes cupcake truck is pretty freaking awesome. (And they came to Oak Park/River Forest recently.)

  5. >my only experience has been at the county fair. for me there was nothing like a delicious greasy elephant ear. now i almost gag at the thought!

  6. >In college, my favorite place to eat was the Burrito Buggy. And for a special treat, I would get a Breakfast Burrito. This was the late 80s-early 90s, so way before (and way better) than a McDonald's breakfast burrito!! jenalber @ hotmail dot com

  7. >We live in a very rural area, so there's not too many food trucks. But when I was younger, I remember getting chicken corn soup from one at sales I went to with my dad. It was the best soup ever!
    mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

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