>a Big Box of Oxo Goodies

>I’ve always been a big fan of Oxo products. What’s not to love about a company whose mission is to make cooking easier and more convenient? So when I received an email from their marketing department asking me if I would be interested in receiving a big box of Oxo products to play around with, I was thrilled. I’ve been playing with my new Oxo goodies for a month as I settle in to my new kitchen, and I’m ready to talk to you about my favorites.

Silicone and Cloth Oven Mitt   (Retail price: $14.99)

First off, I have to rave about the stylish green cloth and silicone oven mitt. I’ve been using silicone oven mitts for a few years now. I love how impervious to heat they are, even using them to plunge my hand into boiling water to remove jars of jam. But I don’t love how slippery they are and hard to get a good grip on hot pans. This Oxo oven mitt solves that problem, allowing me to get a good grip, and stay better protected from heat. It’s even magnetized to hang. It’s a great combination between a traditional oven mitt and a silicone mitt, definitely a smart product I would expect from Oxo.

Pop Container Set    (5 Piece Retail Price: $49.99)
My second favorite were these easy to open pop-top storage jars. I hate wasting time trying to get plastic containers to shut after they’ve been through the dishwasher a few times and have warped. These boxes open and close easily, with just a press of the large button on the top. They’re a great gift for older cooks, but I’m even finding that they’re saving me time and frustration. I received them in a set of 5 sizes – from a long canister for spaghetti to smaller ones for sauces. The price tag for this set is a little steep, but these feel very durable, very thick plastic, even though it is BPA-Free.

Food Scale with Pull-Out Display  (Retail Price: $49.99)
And last but certainly not least, I received this gorgeous scale with a pull-out screen. It gives readings in both grams and ounces and lets you set the scale weight at zero with an empty bowl on top. Then, if you want to keep add the butter directly to the sugar before creaming them without dirtying another bowl, you can set it at zero again. The display is clear and easy to read. I love how easy to clean it is, no crevices to fill with spilt sugar or flour.

Most European recipes have weight measurements instead of volume measurements, so a scale is a must have in European kitchens. I couldn’t imagine baking without one. It’s so much easier than dealing with sifting your flour to just stick it on a scale. This particular model goes up to 11 pounds, much more than you would use in regular baking, and just in case you’re nervous about how much chocolate you’re piling on, the scale has a little symbol that shows you how close you’re getting to its limit.

So there you have it: my three fave Oxo finds of the month. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve decided to scrap my separate review blog and occasionally share my thoughts about my cooking tools directly here. Keeping up with multiple blogs is just too time consuming!

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  1. >You lucky duck! I've been an Oxo fan for years, too. I have the scale and it's the greatest, and those storage containers are incredible. I just bought their pizza wheel, too. Whenever I need a new kitchen gadget, it's ALWAYS an Oxo!

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