>Blog Monetization Solved

>Thousands of blog posts have been written about blog monetization. Is advertising the solution? Affiliate marketing? Text links? Sponsorships? I must confess that I haven’t agonized over the topic, choosing to use my blog as a playground for my passions instead of a potential revenue stream.

But yesterday, at the Santa Cruz farmers’ market, I met a man who had the right idea.

There he sat, with his antique typewriter, amidst the ripe figs and fuzzy peaches, ready to harness his muse for any paying customer. When I chatted with him, he was hard at work writing a poem about music for a waiting customer.

I could just imagine myself, parked next to him with my netbook ready to embed text links, write blog posts, and create content for the highest bidder. Blog monetization mystery solved.

3 Responses to >Blog Monetization Solved

  1. >Great idea! 🙂

    Seriously, how creative and adorable is he?? I find myself wondering about his story. Does he do this for the love of it, or because he has to? Is he out of work or is this a hobby?

    So interesting!

  2. >The poet reminds me of a movie that I saw recently (the title escapes me now) where the protagonist made a living writing love letters.

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