>Dim Sum for Everyone

>Driving through New York City on our way from the airport to New Jersey, the kids all started saying they were starving at the same time. In one of those amazing coincidences, we happened to be in the heart of Chinatown, at the whim of the directions of the rental GPS. Instead of holding off for an anonymous McDonald’s on the other side of the Holland Tunnel, we parked the car and had ourselves a Chinese Dim Sum feast.

After a few minutes of hesitation, the kids dove into the fun, bridging the language gap with the Chinese women pushing the carts by pointing or shaking their heads when presented with chicken feet. We walked out an hour later, bellies full and all our senses awakened to the new flavors, sounds, and smells of China in New York, a distinct change from the cornfields surrounding us in Ohio.

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  1. >We have Dim Sum at least twice a month at Sunflower on Sawmill but I have heard good reviews on Lee Garden so we might try that one day.

    Isn't it great to be in a city where you can stop at any restaurant and even if it is not stellar, it will very unlikely be bad?

    Grace Hester
    The Productive Mom

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