>Camels, Peacocks and Amish… Oh My!

>When we headed to Amish country in NorthWestern Ohio a few weeks ago, we expected to eat some great food, see some picturesque farms, and give the kids a sense of how dependent we are on electricity.

We certainly did not expect to see any exotic animals.

But on Saturday as we drove around, all the Amish buggies seemed to be headed in the same direction. So we followed them, curious to see where the action was.

And that’s how we landed at the Mt Hope auction house where an exotic animal auction was in full swing. The program advertised that monkeys, bears and kangaroos were among the many species for sale. But we didn’t see them. We did see some camels, peacocks, and adorable miniature bunnies amidst the livestock. The stands were packed with Amish farmers and their families.

I took a few pictures before a burly Amish man threatened to take away my camera or “throw me in jail.” I’m not surprised. The cages were stacked to the rafters and the animals hardly had room to move.  After that, I put my camera away, but the sights and smells of that bizarre auction in the middle of nowhere remains etched in our minds more vivid than any picture.

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  1. >That is my kind of fun!

    I believe it is against the Amish faith to have their photo taken. This may be the real reason for not wanting you to have your camera there.

  2. >I live in Stark County, Ohio- not far at all from the Amish and I've heard or read somewhere that they have this thing about being photographed.

    Hmmm. As far as exotic animal auctins- I'm not sure I'd heard they were going on here in Ohio and with the Amish to boot!

  3. >@Lucinda and @Tracy – I knew that the Amish don't want to be photographed, especially from the front, but I was just taking pictures of the animals. I didn't get to take pictures of anything too shocking, but there were many chickens who had lost huge patches of feathers from the cage, and larger animals without the room to move at all. It was quite sad and we just couldn't figure out who travels all the way out to rural Ohio to buy a camel!

  4. >You aren't that far from me. I live in Wooster so the sights of Amish is pretty familiar to me.

    The old order of amish is against having their photos taken. The new order is a little more relaxed about it but it's still not as desired. However, I still go down to Berlin every now and then and capture a "peice of their souls" in pictures. Plus, they're used to the tourist snapping photos of them.

  5. >I just had no idea that the Amish held exotic animal auctions! Is this how zoos acquire their animals? I mean, who else but zoos would want to buy bears and kangaroos?

    Happy WW!

  6. >Super weird IMO!!! We have an Amish market near us (not far from the Amish Community in Lancaster, PA). They have "drivers" that bring them here when they come run it, but they also have cell phones! One gentleman was showing me pictures of his daughter on his cell phone! It was an odd experience!!

  7. >Exotic animal auctions seem sorta anti-Amish, right? I mean, so much for simple.

    Also, wow on the crazy Amish bouncer!

  8. >Very strange. We have Amish in our area but I've never heard of this type of auction. Usually it's quilts and produce.

  9. >Omigosh! That is SOOO amazing…and I would not have even known they didn't like to be photographed…I'd be sitting in an Amish jail for sure!

    Great storytelling..word and pictures!

    Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Vanessa!

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