>On Chairlist #5, We’re Making Bucket Lists


Every year, my husband and I indulge in a few days away alone, doing something we love together. My in-laws fly in to take care of the kids, and we fly away, worry-free, to recapture a little of the carefree fun we had before we became Mommy and Daddy.

This year we headed to Vail for three days of skiing. We love to tear up the mountain, wind flying through our hair, racing down the slopes. It’s been particularly fun for us this year to really let loose after all the time we’ve been spending in Ohio skiing with the kids, methodically taking them down the bunny hill reminding them to do the pizza with their skis.

Although we’re having a blast playing in Vail’s back bowls, our best quality time is spent on the lift. Suspended in the air, with nothing to do but wait to reach the summit, our feet swaying slightly below, we’ve been talking, making plans for the future, and building our bucket list. Somehow, looking ahead to a fun run down the mountain is conducive to discussing all the other things we dream of doing one day.

So what’s on my bucket list? A whole host of varied things, including…

  • Riding in a helicopter over New York City
  • Seeing whales from a boat
  • Taking a safari and snapping pictures of giraffes, lions, and elephants
  • Riding a zip line over the lush rainforest of Costa Rica
  • Traveling to Bali, New Zealand, 
  • Seeing the gorgeous beaches of Croatia
  • Dancing in the streets of carnaval in Brazil
  • Eating at Babbo, Per Se, the French Laundry, Chez Panisse, and La Tour D’Argent

But my bucket list is not all major once in a lifetime trips. I’m constantly building it, adding little things all the time, little things we can do in one weekend like:

  • Seeing how maple syrup is made.
  • Going to a state fair and eating fried twinkies and snickers bars.
  • Joining a CSA.

     I’ve shared mine with you… so tell me, what’s on your bucket list?

    3 Responses to >On Chairlist #5, We’re Making Bucket Lists

    1. >Those moments of quiet conversation with your man are wonderful, aren't they? Love all your bucket list goals…and if you ever want the State Fair deep friend experience, do we EVER have the Fair for you in VA!
      (I had deep-fried Oreos this year…and white-trashy gal I am, my first thought was they should have used Double Stuf! 😉 )

      Enjoy the romance, Vanessa!

    2. >Guess what, I'm going to Per Se for my 40th bday lunch!

      Also I'm in a CSA, it's awesome. Deep-fried twinkies are pretty gross, though.

      Love your list!! You guys are so lucky you get that time away.

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