>Playing Tourist in New York City

>I came to New York City right out of college. A month and a half later, I met my husband there. Less than a year later, we moved in together. We lived in a little brownstone apartment a block away from Central Park. We commuted to work together in the mornings, made gourmet dinners in our little kitchen with our open shelved pantry, constructed elaborate traps to trick the cute white mice that fed in the pantry, and went running in the park at dusk. And at some point amidst the routine of our days, I became a New Yorker.

And although our life has taken us farther and farther from New York, I remain a New Yorker at heart.

But even though I still consider myself a jaded New Yorker, I’m not above playing tourist for the weekend to give my kids a taste of the Big Apple.

So we’ve packed a lot of fun in our three days in New York…

We rode the subway and many, many cabs.

We ice skated at Rockefeller Center.

We sampled hot pretzels straight from the cart.

We threw toilet paper and got really close to a big Blue Man.

And then we bit into the best cupcakes on earth… from Magnolia Bakery.

Our flight doesn’t leave until 3:ooPM tomorrow. Who knows how many more fun touristy activities we’ll fit in?

Our kids may not be New Yorkers by the time we fly back to Ohio, but they’ll sure have a sense of what it’s all about!

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  1. >Take the kids to lunch at Peanut Butter and Company in the Village. They serve nothing but variations of peanut butter sandwiches. I earned Most Fabulous Aunt in the World points by taking my nephew there on a day trip.

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