I was still knee-deep in boxes when Jack called to me from the driveway a few weeks ago.

“Hey mom! Come check this out!”
I gave him my usual response.
“In a minute cutie… as soon as I’m done unpacking this box.”
“No MOM! You gotta come now! You have to see me!”
Something in his tone, a level of excitement and confidence rarely heard, drew my attention. I put down the platter I’d been trying to find a home for, and ran outside.
Jack was riding around in circles on the driveway on his old bike without training wheels. We had removed them a few weeks before the move, intending to begin teaching him how to ride like a big boy, but had never gotten around to it.
Instead of waiting for his parents to get their lives together, he decided to teach himself. Turns out that sometimes good things come out of total chaos.

Happy Wordful, Wordless and Way-back wednesday!

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  1. >That's a wonderful story and moment, I would be so proud if it happened to me.

    Really looking forward to the day my Jack does the same thing.

  2. >That is AWESOME!!!!!
    (and feel better about the lack of parentally taught milestones…slip on shoes and velcro closures, guess who's perfectly advanced in every way's children are quite ineffective when it comes to tying shoes? I'm mortified. No one's fault but my own…haven't prioritized…)


  3. >That's awesome! My daughter is learning right now, too, but since she isn't allowed out in the front yard without an adult, she is forced to wait for her parents to "get their lives together." Poor kid.

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