>Hello O-Hio!

On Sunday night, we stepped off the plane onto the soil of Columbus, Ohio for our first visit with the kids. Sunday was supposed to be our moving day, but when the sale of our house fell through, we pushed the move back a few weeks. As the tickets were non-refundable, we decided to still use them to give the kids a taste of their new city.

Their comments and questions have been wonderful, revealing all their fears and expectations.

Juliette, scowling as we walked through the airport, said, “This not O-Hio. Where my new big girl bed? Not here.”

Bella from the back seat of the mini-van after I turned on the radio, “Oh great! I can’t believe they have New Jersey music here!”

Jack, looking at the map on the TV during the local news weather forecast, “Look mom! Ohio is part of the United States! It’s part of New Jersey!”

And all kids were unanimous when we pulled up for our first Ohio dinner: “This is the fanciest McDonald’s we’ve ever seen. Ohio is great!”

Happy Wordful, Wordless and Way-back wednesday!

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  1. >Gosh, but your children are adorable. Jersey's gonna miss ya' – thank goodness for blogging.

  2. >Those are GREAT Ohio comments!! I have some Ohio stuff to get to you guys before your official move. xoxo

  3. >When I was little we moved from Little Silver, NJ to Bay Village, OH. I was not impressed by the move from the Atlantic to Lake Erie. We didn't stay very long before moving along elsewhere but I have fond memories of my short time there as a little girl. Good luck with your eventual move!

  4. >That big girl bed will happen…(but will it be round on the ends and HI in the middle? 😉 Sorry couldn't resist!)

    Wishing you great happiness—and thanks for joining in with Way Back When-esday!

  5. >WoW!
    For a moment there I thought you'd moved!
    I LOVE all of their comments. Each one trumps the last.

  6. >Awe. I'm so happy for you guys! Thank Goodness McDonald's was there to relieve those precious little hearts of the anxiety of moving.

    It's so fun to "watch" another family move since we have done it twice in the last year or so.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. >Sooo cute! I love all of their comments. Hopefully they will keep that positive attitude after the move as well!

  8. >I'm so glad you are enjoying it. Ohio was one of my favorite places we have lived! Tell me what you think after you visit Young's Dairy! Read up about that area as there are some great hiking trails around Young's and even a place goodness I can't think of what they are called but the building that has huge telescope to look at the stars.

  9. >Let me know when you get settled in, and I'll show you around. 🙂 I'm a New Jersey transplant to Ohio myself, and can tell you where to get a great cheesesteak, Tastykakes, and good (read: not Midwest style) pizza. The good news is that Columbus is a foodie mecca.

    If you guys are able to make it, our meetup group is having a meetup at Louie's this Saturday, and we'd love for you to join us. It would give you the opportunity to make some new friends, too. More info here: http://www.meetup.com/Columbus-Food-Lovers/calendar/10741566/

    Did you have a chance to make it to the North Market yet? Or any of the farmers markets?

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