>Columbus, a Foodie Mecca. Who knew???

I had many fears once we committed to move to Columbus, Ohio. I worried about being lonely, having no friends, and stunting the children’s social development. But mostly, I worried that there would be nothing to eat, other than bland and boring chain restaurant food.

Little did I know that Columbus is a foodie mecca!

We’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I’ve already had some excellent meals, including one with two different types of foie gras, an ingredient close to my heart that I hardly ever encountered in New Jersey.

Tonight I experienced ice cream nirvana, at a wonderful shop called Jeni’s Ice Cream. They offered a myriad of handmade, exotic flavors, each made with organic ingredients. Some of the flavors, like sweet corn and blueberries or cucumber and cayenne, were a little too bizarre for me. But so many others appealed to me, it was incredibly difficult to commit to two. Choosing between Riesling poached pear sorbet, salty caramel, and honey bourbon pecan was just too hard.

After tasting a bunch of flavors and vowing to return soon, I ended up going with an unusual ice cream sandwich made up of two chocolate macarons surrounding rich chocolate and hazelnut ice cream. The verdict: dangerously delicious. Good thing we could take a long walk to Jeni’s to walk off some of the calories!

* The gorgeous ice cream picture above is copied from the Jeni’s website which is full of great links to other Columbus food resources. Great ice cream and a beautiful blog – now I’m truly spoiled.

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  1. >I should not be reading this at 1 in the morning when my need for sleep is being misinterpereted as a need to indulge in any one of those delectable ice creams.
    Make room… I'm flying to Ohio!

  2. >Welcome to Columbus, Chefdruck!

    You WILL have friends, you will not be lonely, and you eat some really good food (plus your kids will probably thrive).

    Glad you enjoyed your first visit to Jeni's. Come back next weekend — if not sooner — for the return of our Mojito Sundae!

    And, if you haven't already discovered it, Dine Originals Columbus (dineoriginalscolumbus.com) is a great resource for local, independent restaurants.


  3. >We drove through Columbus last weekend and again yesterday to visit my in-laws who live further west and I thought of you. On the way home we stopped at Katzingers (sp?) Deli for lunch–it was great!

  4. >Welcome to Columbus. There are LOTS of great food places, restaurants and events for you to discover. There is also an active food blogging community check these out for starters: hungrywoolf.com, columbusfoodie.com, cmhgourmand.com and restaurantwidow.com ColumbusUnderground.com is a great place to ask questions and find all sorts of local information as well. Glad you discovered Jeni's. Pistacia Vera in German Village is another gem.

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