>A Vomit Rock Star

Minutes after giving birth to my first-born child, I discovered my greatest strength as a mother: imperviousness to bodily fluids.

Bella had just been placed on my chest by the labor and delivery nurse, and I was gazing into her tiny black eyes when I felt a warmth spreading over me. At first, I attributed the sensation to an emotional high, but a few seconds later, when the liquid began to cool, I realized that my miniscule daughter had actually showered me with a large quantity of infant pee.

That was the first of many instances I would marvel at the impossibly generous quantities of fluids originating from my children’s bodies.

Since that day, I’ve been covered in spit up, spittle, phlegm, vomit, booger blow-outs, spewed out medicine, half-chewed cookies deemed yucky, and diarrhea in every hue of the rainbow. Every time, no matter how repulsive, I’ve been …

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