>Paris Day 7: One Last Supermarket Run

In a last ditch attempt to postpone putting our suitcases together, we headed to the supermarket today to stock up on all the goodies you can only get in France. We’ve now hit several markets during our trip and have gorged ourselves with sweet melon du Charentais and ripe apricots, but up til now have not visited a big supermarket.

I tend to go so crazy during these supermarket trips that I really have to limit my visits. Before there were obnoxious luggage fees, I would purchase extra suitcases to fill with canned flageolet beans. But I still find plenty of lighter products to stuff my suitcases. It’s also fun to just cruise the aisles, checking out the products and seeing the evolution of what’s popular. Who knew ketchup could be this cute?

I wish I could bring back just a few of the delicious dairy products you can find here. The French really DO dairy. In this supermarket, there were two entire aisles dedicated to yogurts, mousses, and puddings. In addition to a dizzying array of plain and fruit yogurts, you’ll also find chestnut mousse, coffee mousse, and chocolate mousse as well as incredible creme fraiche based puddings called Danette. (This is the SECOND yogurt aisle.)

If only Dannon would try selling Danette in the States, I’m sure it would take off. I would personally make it my mission in life to get everyone I know to try these silky rich puddings. I’ve gotten canned imitations called Mont Blanc before to take home, but they’re just a little thicker and not as good.

As I can’t bring home dairy, I fill my basket with helpful spice shortcuts like bouquet garnis spice packages, vanilla sugar, and praline powder. I also indulge my sweet tooth with licorice soft candy, praline Rocher Suchard, and let the kids choose whatever cookies they like.

Who knows how I will fit all of this in my suitcase this time!

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  1. >I'd be in so much trouble in that grocery store it looks like. Fees be damned, I might have to get an extra suitcase. Our commissary tries to stock international items for those who have been overseas and may miss them, but my husband says they're not the same.

  2. >I'm so jealous there are no words! How could you not take pictures of the chocolate aisle?
    The secret is the big ol' Horse Guard Fence cardboard boxes, filled to the brim with flageolets, mousseline boxes, and pounds of Milka chocolate, shipped in the next container!
    Then, when the box arrives a couple months later, it's like a whole second trip to the market!
    Mmmm Rocher Suchard. You can get them on Amazon, but only in the winter because of the heat. Go figure.

  3. >I had no idea that you could get the Rocher Suchards on Amazon!

    The reason I don't have a picture of the chocolate aisle is that I was too busy stuffing it all in my cart.

    And now I can't stuff my butt into my jeans.

    Go figure.

  4. >I love their yogurts as well … the ones in the cute little glass jars. We eat them all the time when there and then carry the jars back, they make cute candle holders for the patio!

    As well … the spices amazing!

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