>Paris Day 3: le Desastre

My camera has an amazing battery life. It goes for weeks and weeks. It lasts so long that I never think to even check it.

But when it dies, it just dies. Without warning other than a little discreet flash at the corner of the LED screen.

And when it’s done. It’s over. C’est tout. Fini. No turning it off and turning it back on to squeeze an extra couple of shots. No taking out the battery to magically blow on it to bring it back to life with the power of potent breath.

And that’s what happened today in front of the soaring glass Pyramid of the Louvre, otherwise known by Jack as “the KINGDOM” as in “Take my picture in front of the KINGDOM, Mommy!”

You won’t see any pictures of the kids looking down into the Pyramid.

You won’t see any of our family picnic of croque monsieurs and sandwiches au jambon on the cerulian lawns on the Jardin des Tuileries with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre facade in the background.

You won’t see the image of Juliette’s chubby face painted with decadent Angelina‘s hot chocolate.

No snapshot will freeze the kids’ laughing faces on the motorcyle ride at the Jardin d’Acclimatation, the little amusement park I used to beg my parents to take me to when I was a little girl.

And as for that gorgeous pink sunset that lit up Notre Dame’s darkening shape as we strolled across the bridge from the Ile St Louis finishing up our Berthillon ice cream, it will only remain in our memory banks.

When we got home, I rushed to plug in the battery in the recharger, only to discover that it was only compatible with 120Volt plugs and would be fried in the French 240 Volt outlet. I would have to wait until I reached my mom’s house to recharge it in her tranformer.

I thought I would have to either buy a disposable camera in order to capture our last day and half in Paris, but that’s when blogger fortune smiled on us. I found a Casio camera the lovely folks at Coyne PR had sent me to review in my purse. I had tucked it in there to Fedex back to them before we left, but had run out of time. In my rush to get tout the door, I forgot to take it out of my purse!

And wonders of wonders, my memory card from my regular camera fit right in. Battery was fully charged and ready to go. Now this little Casio Exilim will really get reviewed and we won’t have to rely on our memories alone to remember this epic trip.

4 Responses to >Paris Day 3: le Desastre

  1. >Oh thank goodness you found a camera! I was getting worried… Your trip sounds just amazing… I feel like I am there with you!

  2. >WHEW! Although truly, your words paint wonderful pictures. 🙂

    What a trip…thank you for taking us on it with you!

  3. >PHEW! So glad you had a backup:-)

    Our daughter loved the Lourve. (Except the part were she got scolded by one of the stern guards LOL). She can still remember going there and that was years ago.
    Such a great experience for your kids. Kids always seem to love that fountain.

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