>The Joys of Scapegoat Bashing

>Tonight’s Sunday Scribblings prompt is absurd.

When he walked in, I was sweating profusely, running frantically from room to room with my arms full of discarded clean underwear, children’s books and toys. As I ran, I left a trail of tumbling clutter.

He greeted me, awkwardly, with false cheer. “Hi Vanessa! How are you doing today?”
I wanted to scream, “How the h*ll does it LOOK like I’m doing bozo????” But I didn’t. Instead, I ran by him into Juliette’s room and yelled down at the kids, “Stay there on the porch, do NOT move. Not even an inch. Do NOT come into the house with your wet bathing suits.”
Once he’d ascertained that I was not going to formally acknowledge his presence, he added, almost to himself, “Well, let me see what I can do to help you straighten up.” He began trailing me, walking from room to room, straightening bed covers that I had just made.
I resisted the urge to insult his intelligence and I ran downstairs, after all, we had less than 5 minutes until the open house was set to begin.
In the kitchen, with only one minute to go, he tried again to engage me in some light conversation.
“Well, you’ve certainly been traveling a lot!”
I answered this time, with gritted teeth, “Well, that was the plan. Sell the house, travel, and come home to enjoy our last two weeks in the house in peace.”
He smiled, relieved to be entering chit chat territory. “Welcome to real estate!”
Once again, I was struck speechless by a flare of anger.
Even as I raged internally, I knew that my behavior was immature and absurd. I knew that I was taking out all of my frustration, stress and anger on an innocent scapegoat. It’s not his fault that instead of spending these last two weeks in New Jersey comforting my kids and getting them ready for this big change in their lives, I’m haranguing them to keep their rooms spotless. It’s not his fault that I’m adding to my children’s stress instead of minimizing it. 
But I couldn’t help myself. The joy of hating him, of dumping the entire situation on him, was just too great. He is not the cause of our failed house sale. The real culprit is the employer who laid off our buyer on the day we were to finalize the contract. But as I’ll never know who that is, I’ll have to settle for the cheap thrills of scapegoat bashing.
Sometimes, you just have to embrace your inner child, and give yourself the luxury of a tantrum.
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  1. >Oye I have been there wanting to place the blame on the nearest easiest target. Sometimes it is a real bummer to have to the mature adult doesn't it? I am going to say a special prayer tonight that this house of yours sells and sticks this time!

  2. >Ack! Hang in there Vanessa. It'll happen, but it's a drag when it doesn't happen according to plan.
    I try and behave myself better these days, but you know I'm no stranger to tantrums 😉 Just try not to let it extend to the open house.

  3. >This is a totally timely read for me. Our home has been on the market for WAY too long! As we're preparing for a trip and trying to squeeze in some much-needed couple time, we get a call that we have a showing! Yeah! So, everything stops – plans pushed aside and much cleaning is done. Only to have the showing rescheduled. As it is, we still haven't heard anything about how it went…not a great sign.

    It's weird though, because as much as I really want to sell (not really a need, but a desire to be closer to work) I was completely annoyed that our leisurely week of togetherness was overridden by the unexpected "world of real estate!"

    Thanks for sharing! I wish you the best of luck! 🙂

  4. >Hurray for scapegoats!! Everyone needs one. I think people should hire themselves out! It could be a whole new market. You could even have different flavors! Sad and penitent, bitchy back at ya, aloof and ignoring. Hmmm, got to start my resume….
    Seriously – I hope your house sells soon. Been there and I know it is frustrating. Also thanks for stopping by and reading about Cassie and Kell and your kind comments 🙂

    Stealing Time #5

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