>Posing as City Kids

>We stuck it out in our tiny one bedroom New York City apartment as long as we could. Bella was two and a half when we finally moved to the burbs and had long figured out my trick of hiding under the covers to sneak a few more minutes of sleep when she peeked over the edge of her crib calling for her mommy. If I hadn’t been 8 1/2 months pregnant with Jack, I would have kept her in that crib until she was ready to leave for college.

Although we’re now fully assimilated to life in the suburbs, we love any excuse for a New York City excursion. Last weekend, we had a special treat: a night at the Essex House, right on Central Park. The kids were all dressed up for their grandfather’s 70th birthday party (the reason for our trip) and we stole a few moments to enjoy Central Park as it buzzed with the hint of spring right around the corner. Although the air was still brisk, the colors were bright, both in the sky and on the forsythia bush already in bloom.

Happy Wordful, Wordless and Way-back wednesday!

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  1. >Thanks for visit my blog. Yes, my blog is bilingual but a don’t have many followers that speak spanish. Hope you may visit again my blog.

    You have a beautiful family. Maybe you could try to do your blog in french too.

    Have a nice day.

  2. >Seriously, that second photograph should be in NYC tourism literature!

    What personality-filled darlings you have.

    Thank you for playing along with Way Back When-esday so wonderfully!

  3. >Sounds like you all had fun!

    My dad’s 70th is coming up soon, my mom says we need to have a big party. So what kind of party did you guys have for your dad?

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