>Spotted in Belize

>Happy Wordless – can’t believe we have been home for a week now…

I didn’t need the beach, the jungle, or the exotic locale – this hammock is all I’m dreaming of.

Belize from the sky, aboard our SINGLE ENGINE put put plane.

Hanging with the monkeys in the jungle.

An alligator races over to see if we might make a good dinner.

Can you tell how huge that iguana was? Apparently they taste quite good.

The paved roads in Belize are few and far between, and everyone seems to get around on bicycles.

Some even choose to get around on horseback!

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  1. >did you snorkel at all? i have been hearing that belize has a huge barrier reef great for snorkeling. i am afraid i was spoiled in hawaii and nothing short of the south pacific will do!

    my son wants to go to belize because apparently francis ford coppola has a hotel there. i don’t suppose that’s where you stayed?

    these photos are awesome.

    thanks for playing mission monday and i hope you’ll be back… you have a great blog AND you love tv… yay!

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