>A Few Words of Wisdom from the Junior Set

I have a notebook that I keep in my purse at all times. It’s not a journal, it’s a writing notebook. I started keeping one about a year ago, and am on my fifth one. It’s sacred – no pages are ripped out or colored in, ever. The children miraculously respect it and know not to touch it. I do all sorts of writing in there: free writes, blog posts, ideas for articles, very very rough drafts…. but some of my best writing actually comes from the kids. At the back of each notebook I have a page for kidisms. Cute questions, amazing thoughts – as soon as I hear them I write them down – at the next red light, in the elevator, I capture their gems.

Here are a few of the recent ones:

Me to Juliette – “What’s the magic word???”
Juliette: “Mine.”

Jack, while having diarrhea – “Look Mommy, I made Nutella!”

Bella – “The doctor doesn’t really come out in a minute, so why do they say that?”

Jack – “Sometimes, I just wake up because my dream is over.”

Bella – “Why can’t tomorrow be today?”

Juliette – “Go to beach Mama. Ride a camel mama. Pretty please.”

7 Responses to >A Few Words of Wisdom from the Junior Set

  1. >Oh my…that fecal fixation starts young, doesn’t it? LOVE the Nutella comment…and all of them really!

    SOOOO funny!

  2. >Love this! I have been meaning to do adopt something like your writing notebook for a long time, and in typical ADD fashion, never get around to it.

    I now feel inspired to go ahead.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but I am trying to check in periodically. Soon, soon, I hope, things will calm down.

    Thinking about you . . .

  3. >These were awesome Kidisms!! I’m wondering how you answered the question of why can’t tomorrow be today? LOL

    The nutella comment is hilarious!

    What a great idea. I actually carry a little notebook with me too. I just forget I have it! I really need to be more ‘together’ and use it properly! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  4. >Nutella! Mine! HA!

    Clara said to me yesterday when I asked her if she wanted to learn how to play the piano that she already knew how to play, and when I amended my question to ask her if she wanted to learn to play music, she answered that she already knew how to play her music. That’s when I gave up.

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