>Carving Out Some Fun

>We’re getting ready… practicing our Trick or Treats Smell My Feets… This year, after much consideration, we’re going carved instead of painted. We’ll see what the squirrels and chipmunks think.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. >Oh how fun! My kids always loved doing that. I wonder if they are carving at their own apartments this year. I will have to check!

  2. >Hey! You asked on my blog where I got the trains and truck on the wall in my sons room, they are a part of his crib set! We found that set at Babies R Us.

    Love the Pumpkins. Got to get some to carve.

    Come back to God Gave Me You anytime!

  3. >So cute! We are doing our on Friday night and my girls cannot wait. Such a simple thing and such great memories!

  4. >Wow that is a huge stem!! Sorry I accidentally hit enter twice and had to delete one of my posts on your Bette Midler giveaway….

  5. >This is the biggest stem I’ve ever seen on a pumpkin!! Very cool!

    They are very proud of their pumpkins! Too cute!

    I really should be a good mommy and let my daughter carve one this year. I just despise the mess! Ick!

  6. >Looks like your kids had fun with their pumpkins!!! They are adorable! I think we are getting our pumpkins this weekend to carve & decorate. This is a fun time of year!

  7. >So much fun! Going to a pumpkin farm is on my 101 list…I think I may have to pass til next year of we won’t have any cute pumpkins like yours!

  8. Hey mrs druckman bella told me to look up bella druckman on the web and this showed up hey it is summer so i do not care about grammer ha ha ha :).

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